Humanly is an award-winning design studio specialising in human-centred design
for social impact. 



Human-centred solutions

We create human-centred solutions, such as products, services and systems.


Human-centred organisations

We create human-centred organisations that are equipped to deliver innovative products and services.

We often do this simultaneously, recognising that innovative solutions often need new organisational structures, mindsets and ways of working to implement them.

We tackle complex social problems using a three stage approach of research, co-creation and prototyping. We engage service users at every stage, using ethnographic and creative approaches to enable meaningful and rewarding experiences for all involved.


Who we are

Jenni Parker

Jenni Parker | Founder & Director

Jenni is a designer, social innovator and systems thinker. She is passionate about the power of human-centred design to develop solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems, and to transform the organisations that are at the front line of addressing these challenges.

Prior to founding Humanly, Jenni worked as an independent design consultant, and was awarded the title of Service Designer of the Year 2015 by the Young Digital Leader Awards.

Jenni has led design and innovation projects with organisations in the third, public and private sectors in the UK and internationally, and has carried out user research, co-creation and prototyping activities in 11 countries in 4 continents. 

Over the past 7 years she has tackled issues such as mental health, empowering women and girls, education, climate change, refugees, worker's rights, children's services, adult social care, public transport, citizen engagement, and disability. 


We work with a wide network of creative collaborators

Ali Fawkes

Ali Fawkes | Social Innovation Consultant

Ali is a creative professional with a wide range of experience, spanning fine art; special education and human-centred design. She is an expert communicator who specialises in designing creative and inclusive approaches to research, co-creation and prototyping. During Ali’s diverse career she has worked as a teacher in specialist schools; at the national charity VoiceAbility and as Asperger's Syndrome Project Officer at the University of Cambridge.


Manisha Pandey | Design Researcher

Manisha has a Master's Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from UCL and specialises in ethnographic approaches to research. She is particularly interested in innovative and social health interventions. Manisha has previously worked on the early stages of developing Mental Snapp, a video diary app for actively managing your own mental health. 


Elle Tweedy | Service Design Associate

Elle works across multiple design disciplines such as Product, User Experience and Service Design. She specialises in shaping end-to-end user experiences for services across digital and physical environments. She has over 6 years experience working extensively in the public sector predominantly tackling issues within health and social care.

Who we work with



Humanly has provided consultancy and support to us, bringing knowledge and expertise in design for social impact and a passion for finding creative solutions. Humanly has made an invaluable contribution to the work, particularly in designing meaningful co-creation opportunities for a wide range of people with learning disabilities. They are diligent and focused in their approach, consistently curious and inclusive in their engagement with stakeholders. The Daybook team has learnt a great deal through this project and a lot of the learning can be credited to Humanly.
— Colleen Humphrey, Deputy Chief Executive, VoiceAbility



VoiceAbility | Daybook, a digital diary for people with learning disabilities

Humanly worked with the national charity VoiceAbility and three local authorities (Gloucestershire, Liverpool and South Tyneside) to co-produce and pilot a new process and digital tool for engaging people with learning disabilities. Daybook aims to improve the dialogue between decision makers, service providers and people with learning disabilities, improving health and social care services and quality of life as a result.


Shropshire Council | Developing a strategy for involving children and young people in decision making

BBC Media Action | Communicating Climate Change in Asia

We worked with the BBC's international development charity on Climate Asia, which aimed to create unprecedented national and regional data around the impacts of climate change on people’s lives in 7 countries in Asia. The ultimate goal of the project was to enable any organisation in the region (from governments and donors to the media and NGOs) to use what the team had learned to develop better communication initiatives around climate change.


WFP | Designing complaints and feedback mechanisms for internally displaced people in South Sudan


Where we've worked

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